Rapid data center interconnectivity between two points on the Flexential network

Connect over a reliable, resilient high-speed network with full end-to-end management. 

Interconnection -  Data Center Interconnect
Securely connect your workloads anywhere with Data Center Interconnect

Flexential Data Center Interconnect (DCI) is a point-to-point service that provides connectivity between two Flexential data centers, including strategic carrier hotels around the US.  A layer 2 transport service DCI runs over the Flexential’s 100 Gbps network backbone, offering a highly available, redundant option for connecting two sites or services. 

  • The need for more diverse and redundant connectivity paths
  • Difficulties with set-up, integration, and deployment to carriers, clouds, and IT service providers
  • Juggling separate carrier relationships that make deployment and connectivity maintenance difficult
24x7 network operating center
Ensure systems are up and available with management backed by Flexential’s on-call engineers.
100% service level agreement
Maintain continuity of all connections with automatic failover to reroute traffic around jams and outages.
High availability
Avoid the unpredictable congestion and latency of the internet.
Fully managed service
Reduce time and energy spent managing multiple carrier relationships.
Highly scalable
Scale quickly and easily with minimum lead time and speed to market in 10 days or less.
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Establish secure, flexible connectivity between any two points on the Flexential data center network

Flexential Data Center Interconnect enables you to reach the carriers, clouds, and IT service providers your business requires with set-up, integration, and deployment that is fast, easy, and reliable from any Flexential data center. 

  • Single, point-to-point connections between two sites or services
  • Resilient, reliable connectivity over a 100 Gbps network backbone
  • Diverse, fully redundant paths and automatic failover
  • Readily available bandwidth options
  • Fixed bandwidth pricing (non-burstable)
  • Ideal for connecting to carrier hotels, single-point services, and DRaaS or storage sites

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Get access to an industry-leading 100Gbps network backbone, hundreds of carriers, subsea cables and low-latency connections to cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.


Flexential Fabric

On-demand access to interconnection services for direct, secure connectivity to distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems through a single port.


Cloud Fabric

Access to secure, low-latency connections to leading cloud service providers with software-defined interconnections that automate the connection process.

FlexAnywhere™: Hybrid IT flexibility without compromise

Flexential's highly connected FlexAnywhere™ platform delivers tailored infrastructure with automation, a pay-as-you-go-and-grow model, and scalability for your business needs.

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