High-density colocation for high-performance computing

Bring AI and other high-performance initiatives online with the reliability of uniquely built space, power, and cooling capabilities.

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Support strategic high-performance workloads, built to scale

The market is shifting to high-density, high-compute applications that break business trends; stay strong with a data center foundation built for it.

  • Run AI, ML, and GPU workloads that require high-compute power, robust scaling potential, and always-on stability
  • Rich connectivity that handles data-intensive applications with high transfer speeds at low latency
  • Support key business initiatives with tremendous data and resourcing requirements to stay ahead of the market

15+ years of high-density design expertise

cabinet support
power whips
network backbone

Future-proofed, next-gen high-density design

Get the rock-solid reliability and scaling potential that come with specially-designed liquid cooling, rack design support, and energy sustainability.

How We Support New Deployments

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Precision liquid cooling with 0 WUE

Air-cooled chillers and a comprehensive water loop ensure optimal temperature control with 0 water usage effectiveness.

<1.3 power usage effectiveness (PUE)

Energy-efficient equipment, rack layout, facility management, and cooling efficiency contribute to minimal wasted resources.

48% average customer ROI

Thanks to 90% reduced downtime and 50% increased operational efficiency

How We Support New Deployments

As an NVIDIA partner, Flexential accelerates AI missions built on the NVIDIA DGX™ platform


Support high-performance applications with rich connectivity and scalability

These services pair with high-density colocation to get the most out of your AI, ML, and GPU workloads.



Get access to an industry-leading 100Gbps network backbone, hundreds of carriers, subsea cables and low-latency connections to cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.


Cloud Fabric

Access to secure, low-latency connections to leading cloud service providers with software-defined interconnections that automate the connection process.


Flexential Fabric

On-demand access to interconnection services for direct, secure connectivity to distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems through a single port.

High-density data center capabilities drive cost efficiency and stability
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Flexential was able to achieve for us what few providers could. A high-density DR environment at one of its newest and most innovative data centers.

Adam Rasner
VP, Technology Operations, AutoNation

Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

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