The IT leader’s ultimate guide to building a disaster recovery strategy

In today’s environment, even a minute of downtime can cripple a business. From lost customers to regulatory fines to damaged brand value, interrupted service and data breaches can have broad, negative impacts on a business—and if critical applications, processes, and systems are not highly available and resilient, the failure is perceived as on the IT department. 

The most innovative leaders are choosing partners that offer a consultative approach

Modern IT leaders who successfully tackle this challenge are moving away from the status quo and rebuilding their disaster recovery strategy to take advantage of new technology. A disaster recovery plan can take many forms, and developing the right plan for unique business needs requires starting at the beginning. 

In this eBook, IT leaders will learn how to effectively: 

  • Conduct a business impact assessment
  • Define recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Select the right technology to support the DR plan
  • Build out a DR infrastructure
  • Test and evolve the DR plan over time

This eBook provides a step-by-step guide to help IT leaders identify their organizations’ unique business needs and then develop the right disaster recovery plan to match those needs. 

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Interrupted service can have broad, negative impacts

IT is now a fundamental service that acts as the operational backbone for most organizations. Even a minute of downtime can impact revenue and business reputation.

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