Enhancing application reliability with cloud backup and DRaaS

According to the most recent 451 Voice of the Enterprise: Storage, Data Management and Disaster Recovery study, over 30% of respondents have had an outage that resulted in lost data or affected worker productivity in the last two years. 74% said it took moderate to significant effort to complete recovery. In a quickly evolving IT landscape where time is of the essence, cloud-based data protection has emerged as the preferred deployment model to ensure application reliability and improve legacy recovery capabilities.

451 Research shares the state of disaster recovery

Read the report to learn more about the impact and benefits of having a solid disaster recovery solution, including:

  • The impact today’s threat landscape and disaster recovery technologies have on organizations
  • How companies can successfully recover from outages and improve recovery operations
  • The look-ahead approaches businesses can take to reduce the impact of potential outages
  • The keys to enabling successful recovery, speeding up testing, and managing costs

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Outages are common and costly

Outages can have a major economic impact and even lead to economic downfall or business shutdowns. Organizations that invest in DR testing and validation tools and services are better able to reduce the impact of potential outages. Learn how!

451 Research Business Impact Brief

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